Mapping expertise and data insights

Looking for data insights on maps? We are a team of coders and designers dedicated to state of the art on-line maps and data visualizations. Check out some of our projects!

Thumbnail QuickWebViewer

QuickWebViewer QGIS Plugin

Publish your QGIS project online as web map.

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Simple software solution for basic mapping tasks based on Wordpress and Openlayers.

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Thumbnail atlasAHA

Data Housing Atlas AHA

First global atlas of examples of decent, adequate and affordable housing.

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Thumbnail lesionsTransit

Collisions Data Dashboard

Data dashboard showing collisions and mobility injuries of the city of Barcelona.

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Thumbnail geoparcTouristic

Geopark Origens Touristic Map

Touristic map for UNESCO Geopark at the Catalan Pyrenees.

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Thumbnail geoparcTecnic

Geopark Origens Tecnical Planning

Internal tecnical planning map for UNESCO Geopark at the Catalan Pyrenees.

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Thumbnail itineraris-favb

Barcelona Itineraries

Mapping 50 years of archivements of the neightbourhood movement.

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Thumbnail UDDviewer

Atlas bithabitat

Tools and metodologies for urban planning.

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Thumbnail layertree2json

LayerTree2JSON QGIS Plugin

Write a JSON file based on QGIS project layer tree.

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Thumbnail ahamadrid

Housing Atlas

Online map to visualize housing data of cities worldwide.

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Thumbnail bellamar

Bellamar roadwork

Map of construction site at Castelldefels.

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Thumbnail adnurbano

City comparison

City board for the Inter-American Development Bank.

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Thumbnail fresc

Risk Factors in highschool students

Highschool survey from Barcelona public health agency.

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Thumbnail workshopopenlayers

Workshop Openlayers

Introductory course to Openlayers teaching basic concepts of web maps and GIS.

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Thumbnail digitaldivide

Digital divide in Barcelona

Report about ICT access, use and quality of their use.

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Thumbnail obsip

Health and Policy Impact Observatory

The Observatory monitors health inequalities and evaluates the health impacts of policies.

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Thumbnail crimenesdeodio2020

Memory against oblivion

Mapping 30 hears of hatecrimes in Spain.

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Thumbnail tracesmap


Traces is a map of architectoncal patrimony open to everybody.

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Thumbnail solivid

Solivid map

SOLIVID is a collective project for the elaboration of a collaborative map about the solidarity initiatives in face of the COVID-19.

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Thumbnail esb

Barcelona Health Survey

Visualizing results of reports from Barcelona public health agency.

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Free-Flowing rivers

This map tool shows the freshwater equivalent of wilderness areas.

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Thumbnail maddcartography

Cartography — Space as Data

Teaching foundations module at Master Data Design at Elisava.

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XRCB (Barcelona Community Radio Network) is a map of Barcelona radio stations.

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Thumbnail wwfcbc

WWF Community Conservation Portal

Mapping effort to understand community-based conservation work.

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WWF Parc Index

The PARC Index is a comparative risk index that measures the relative climate risk to protected areas.

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Thumbnail poumCTBB

POUM Castellbisbal

Metropolitan Territorial Planning Plan of Castellbisbal.

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Thumbnail ngp-maps

The Northern Great Plains Maps

Maps and figures about the Northern Great Plains ecosystem.

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Thumbnail ngp-map3d

The Journey of Water

Follow the water from the Rockies into the Northern Great Plains.

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Thumbnail catalogAMB

Catalog of political innovation

Tool to visualize urban politics in area of Barcelona.

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Thumbnail mapAMB

Map of social innovation

Colaborative map of innitiatives working on political innovation.

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Thumbnail poumSSA

POUM Sant Sadurní

Metropolitan Territorial Planning Plan of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia.

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Thumbnail mapaLiterari

Literary map of Barcelona

The presence of books and literature in the city.

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Thumbnail decidimPAM

Decidim PAM Barcleona

Visualizing the participatory process of the municipal action plan.

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Thumbnail cartahistorica

Historic Charter of Barcelona

26 cartographies explaining the history of the city.

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Thumbnail digitaldivide

Digital divide in Barcelona

A report on Barcelonans ICT access, use, and the quality of their use.

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Thumbnail crimenesdeodio

Mapping hatecrimes

A memory of 25 years of oblivion.

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Thumbnail territorisoblidats

Forgotten territories

Map presenting projects working on disused areas in Barcelona.

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Thumbnail Innovation

geographies of innovation

This research explores innovative initiatives in Barcelona.

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Thumbnail fleximap

Accessible Map

A customizable vector map for visual impaired people.

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Thumbnail Atenea

Recursos Polígono Sur

Map of public, private and commons resources at Polígono Sur/Sevilla.

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Thumbnail Barrisicrisi

Barris i Crisi

A research about the effects and social consequences of the crisis, and the responses to this situation from the neighbourhoods.

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Thumbnail Marianao


Map of common goods of Marianao neighbourhood at Sant Boi de Llobregat/Spain.

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Thumbnail Linz Pflückt

Linz Pflückt

Map of more than 2000 public fruit trees and community gardening projects at Linz/Austria.

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Thumbnail Casastristes


"Sad houses" is a crowdsourcing map of vacant houses in Spain.

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